Sunday, September 15, 2024

Jenkintown Festival of the Arts logo.

Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

GiGi Singh

GiGi Singh logo.

Handmade clay jewelry and small tabletop artwork.

Oakdale Design Co

Oakdale Design Company logo.

Oakdale Design Co makes small batch jewelry and accessories. We take inspiration from modern trends, architecture and nature to make accessible and easy to wear jewelry. We love mixing clay with metal, wood, leather and other materials to create a dynamic design. The designs are meant to shift away from the standard clay earring styles and branch into more active trends. In addition to jewelry, we also create local, Philly inspired and women’s rights focused t-shirts.


Geo Metric Gem logo.

Nature inspired brass & gemstone jewelry handcrafted in South Philadelphia. Fun, lightweight, hypoallergenic & affordable. Most pieces are priced under $40.

Sneaky Burrito

Sneaky Burrito logo,

Looking for something totally unique? Sneaky Burrito has got you covered. This local art and design studio specializes in custom enamel, original fine art prints, premium vinyl, and offbeat wearables made with quality materials. With a playful and irreverent approach, they’re all about good design, bad puns, and small-batch wares you won’t find anywhere else.

Stacey Novelli Designs

Stacey Novelli Designs logo.

Hand made jewelry from up cycled vintage fabrics and textile designs, art and notecards.

PowerUp Gems

Power Up Gems logo.

PowerUp Gems is a magically designed accessory for kids. The PowerUp Gems pendant opens and closes to hold a variety of PowerUp Gems – natural gemstones custom cut into our empowering shape. Each PowerUp Gem comes with a content card to help teach kids about important social and emotional skills from \Kindness\ to \Creativity\ and to help them PowerUp and practice living them every day.