Sunday, September 15, 2024

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Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

Christina Leone Originals

Christina Leone Originals logo.

I create original oil paintings and watercolors focusing on florals and landscapes. I look for the quiet moments in life that are
underappreciated such as a shadow casting on the ground or a formation of stones. I strive to enhance the color, light, and space
of the scene with an inventive aspect added to my environments.

I also specialize in custom pet portrait oil paintings! I create hand painted creations of your pet from a photo for you to remember them for a lifetime.

Jean Broden Art

Jean Broden Art logo.

My original oil paintings and prints celebrate my lifelong love of interesting buildings. My illustration background and interest in architecture come together to create images of both the well known and unknown places around the city and beyond. I also have a smaller selection of both nature and still life images that showcase the beauty of simplicity.

Ana Thorne

Ana Thorne logo.

Handmade gifts and souvenirs made with my own illustrations.

Sarah Draws Things

Sarah Ryan Draws logo.

I create stationery, archival prints, garlands, and fabric goods from my original watercolor and pencil nature-inspired illustrations. All paper products are designed and manufactured by me in my home studio.

Stuff Dave Made

Stuff Dave Made logo.

I create highly detailed, line-based pen and ink illustrations that take the form of framed original artwork, prints, stickers, greeting cards, t-shirts, pins and a coloring book.